Turn your portfolio into a stock exchange

Every leader needs urgent and accurate information from the front-line employees to wisely navigate the company in both good and bad times. Improve your business agility with confidoo.

Submit claims

Employees submit claims about future business outcomes anonymously.

Place bets on claims

Employees express their confidence-level regarding claims by placing anonymous bets on them.

Confidence rate

Employees adjust their bet daily. In this way a confidence rate of claims evolves.

Identify sensors

Those employees who win on bets are reliable sensors within your organization.

Improve engagement

By placing bets employees engage in business outcomes claim stronger.

Listen to organization

Claims reflect those topics which keep your employees busy.

Example use case

Open a betting table for your project and submit the respective sprints as claims. Activate the first claim (corresponding to the sprint) and let the team members place their bets on it. Now follow the confidence rate of your team. Once a sprint gets completed you evaluate the respective claim: Was the sprint successful? Reward the best bettor to value your team member's engagement for both opportunity and problem recognition.


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